This is a private family worksheet of only some family names and events - but shows no records, which are private: so this page may be part of a research project OR it may be a simple trial work page. Some children or events may be missing from this page. Please read the information in the footnote below.

William MCRAE & Margaret
Husband: William MCRAE
Born: 1856 in Canada (English)
Died: between 1885 AND 1900 in Schroeppel, Oswego, New York
Father: Malcolm MCRAE
Mother: Ann MCCARTHY
Wife: Margaret
Born: DEC 1854 in New York
Died: after 1900 in Schroeppel, Oswego, New York
01 (M): William MCRAE
Born: JUL 1879
Died: Unknown
02 (M): Roderick MCRAE
Born: OCT 1883
Died: Unknown
03 (F): Kittie MCRAE
Born: SEP 1885
Died: Unknown
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This set of family files is not the same as a public record archive. It is placed here as a quick-lookup courtesy to the clients who were a part of a research project. These files are a combination of detailed research files for clients or partners AS WELL AS trial worksheet pages which have not been confirmed; some are known to contain errors. Do NOT Copy or use the information here as you may be adding errors to your research and then virally passing it on to others who might copy you. Send an email message to us to find the status of the person(s) who are of interest to you. If you suspect an error, please send discussions by email. Simple or extensive research projects are available to help you. Ask a free question. Email to nffgfamily{at}hotmail{dot}com).

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