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"Please tell me of our family, grandfather."



The family files found on these pages have been contributed over a period of several years, from NFFG members, Clients (including Expert Connect clients from, and various contributors. The pages are generally shown online, as a benchmark and reference for these members & clients. In this way, the general progress of NFFG can be identified, as family projects continue over time. Also, we use these pages to provide some detail for researchers or partners, who we may ask to help us, from time to time, to provide possible research assistance on specific projects.


The more recent files, and even MANY of the older files, are still considered very accurate. In some cases, where absolute proof of a date or event cannot be found, we use Forensic Genealogy to determine a family or personal event. Professional Forensic analysis is an accepted and necessary practice in most branches of science. There may still be argument or discussion of possible alternative analysis. NFFG stays with its research files for a long time, and sometimes, a few months or many years later, changes and errors are discovered and corrected. Mostly, this evolution toward greater accuracy derives from the persistent efforts of our Clients and Members.


However, some of the individual or family pages may be older residual files, contributed at the fringes of a well-researched project. Or, some of these older files may have been added at an earlier time, some years ago, when not all persons and events were fully verified by NFFG. For the past three or four years, NFFG has verified all new information which is posted online at our NFFG Online Family Tree. In these cases of older postings, the information may be inaccurate, or need updating. Some of the contributors of past times, have now passed away, and the accuracy of the research in these cases, may be harder to verify. Obviously, some information appears to originate from online records and public-domain sources, rather than private, direct research. We leave such older pages posted online, even knowing that corrections are probably necessary, in the hopes that anyone who can make corrections, or has new, first-hand information, will send a message with detailed proof of any error. NFFG can no longer work on or update research, where there is no family member with a stake in the accuracy, to provide or verify the information. We will assess any incoming information, which you may send, if you wish to send corrections, and will make changes if justified.


If you send corrections, please identify fully, the individual in the Online Family Tree whom you are referring to.


Please send an email to the Project Coordinator at, if your have such a proven correction or change. Your assistance will be appreciated.


New information may only be added by direct family descendants, who have a stake in the accuracy of this new information. Also, we allow changes from bonafide, serious, genealogists and family researchers. Such direct family descendants must be known Members of NFFG, or they must become new Members. This is done by submitting a small or large Research Project for our consideration. To see details about this process, please read the information found on our main web page. See a link to this page below.


The NFFG Online Family Tree shows only names and dates, and some locations. Therefore, the online files here have no value to family researchers, and anyone who copies them is probably committing piracy. All sources, notes, and other detail, are not shown online. If you need to see all such information, you will need an official NFFG Family CD. There are different levels of pricing for CDs, depending on the status of the person who orders one. Please refer to our Main Page for more information - about CDs, and also about Memberships and Family Research Projects. See a link to the Main Page below.


Why are some children missing from families, or why are some dates missing, or why are there some errors? Some of the family units found here, have been contributed by individuals who were concerned with establishing a link from their own family back to a specific founder. These genealogies may not have required that all children be added to each family along the way, for the purposes of the contributor. In the same way, some dates may have been approximated - dates which were not vital to the linkages which were contributed. If your own family is linked to a missing child, you are invited to join NFFG and contribute the missing information. If there seems to be an error in the link to your family line, this is unintentional (see notes), and may be corrected when you join NFFG and submit your corrected records.


New Data May Be Found: Please note that these family files may have been revised from previous postings, and may be revised again in the future, if verified changes are needed. This is a very active member-friendly Family Tree, and many corrections or changes are made each month. There is no warranty that any family files here may not be changed as new information comes in. If you have joined and are a member, you may obtain an updated CD for the cost of preparation only. Anyone who has purchased an older CD and needs an updated replacement CD, may also receive one on the same basis. See details on our Main Page.


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