Partial List of some of the clients, Contributing Members, Research Partners, and Publishers of Genealogical Information & Source MaterialsÖ


Thanked by Richard Ripley, Genealogist and Site Coordinator of The Roads Taken and NFFG, the Network of Founding Family Genealogies


Consider joining NFFG yourself, and having your ongoing project listed here. Many of the ancestors found in the research work of the members listed below are found at the NFFG Online Family Tree, and those pages are indexed by Google, and appear in many random Google searches. Possibly, someone who has valuable information may land on one of YOUR pages and contact us. It has happened often, and over a period of months and years. Membership in NFFG may awaken many new contacts. To contact anyone named here, use the email address shown, or contact me directly and I will connect you.


Dennis Karl Doane, of Worcester, Massachusetts, who is a descendant of Binna Lumbard Doane (1800-1866). Dennis is developing the Doane family of Barnstable and Worcester, Massachusetts.


Suzanna Rawlins, of Atlanta, Georgia, who is a descendant of Burlin White Phillips (1867-1938), and is researching the extensive Phillips family genealogy of Virginia and West Virginia.


Oma L. Rose, of Reno Nevada, who is researching with us the family descent of Daniel Lobdell (1811-1878), of a founding Lobdell family of Westchester County, New York, and Wolfe Island, Frontenac County, Ontario. She is also researching many other bloodlines. Oma may be reached at


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Graham Hart, of Peterborough, Ontario, formerly of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is a descendant of Josiah Hart (1742-1828), who removed from Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut to Manchester, Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Graham is researching Harts who came from Connecticut to Nova Scotia, and earlier Harts.


Lawrence Rice Phillips, of Gibson County, Indiana, who is a descendant of John Jack Phillips (1797 GA - 1868 Hazelton, Gibson County, Indiana). This early founding family was divided and engaged on both sides of the Revolutionary War.


Text Box:  David Raymond Ripley, PhD, now of Grand Portage, Minnesota, has been a science advisor to two US Presidents. Of late, he has turned his research skills back to the tenth century, where he is researching the earliest families to use 'Ripley' as a surname, and has found that the first was Thurstan, Archbishop of York. Regardless of surname due to marriage of daughters, Thurstan is a direct ancestor of thousands of living Americans and Canadians. Thurstan was the progenitor of most or all of the surname

Ripleys of Yorkshire, who later emigrated to America and Canada. David has obtained dozens of source books, in English, Anglo-Saxon, and French, and could now write a PhD level paper on the subject. One of David's immediate ancestors was Henry Ripley (1851-1921) of Blum Hill, Texas. All names and events described here, may be found in the NFFG Online Family Tree, and on the page describing 'The Origins of the Ripley Name'.


Teresa Marie Herrman, of Columbus, Ohio, has provided extensive research including source records, newspaper clipping, etc, without which NFFG would not have been able to assemble the genealogy of her family. She is descended from Johan Mattheus Herrmann (1771-1835) of Bavaria. This founding family emigrated to Gallia County, Ohio, and through marriages of children and grandchildren, merged with several other founding families of America. The outlines of this detailed genealogy may also be viewed online at the NFFG Online Family Tree.


Timothy M. Kenny, of Omaha, Nebraska, has provided records and information, about the Kenny family which came from Ireland to America and Canada. The Kennys and others were part of a cluster of families, who emigrated as Fitzwilliam Estate Pioneers, from County Kilcavan in Ireland, and arrived in Quebec during 1847-55. After a short stay in Canada, where they worked on the construction of the Rideau Canal and other projects, some of the children & descendants of this founding family moved to America, and many settled in Nebraska.


John Richard Sharp (Jack Sharp), also Adjudicator of the John Sharp Family Tree, as listed in the NFFG Online Family Tree. Residing 2015 at Baltimore, Maryland.

Biography and Notes: John Richard Sharp: "I am a retired Presbyterian minister, living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I became very interested in my family background, and began a search, in earnest, around 1977. Originally I concentrated on tracing my parents surnames (Sharp and Smith), and, soon expanded that search to include both my grandmothersí surnames (McKnitt and Seymour). My wifeís interest led me to unravel a mystery about her family Ė discovering, after her motherís death, that her maiden name was not Marshall, but Malizewski. Her fatherís name was Futty.



Frederick Morris Phillips III (Fritz Phillips), also Adjudicator of the NFFG listed Descendants of David Phillips b. NJ 1754. Residing 2015 at Jobstown, New Jersey.

Text Box:  Biographical & Personal Notes: "I am Frederick Morris Phillips. Born Mt. Holly, New Jersey, 1932 in the middle of the depression. Attended Blair academy and Penn Charter school and finally the United States Navy prior to attendance at Cornell University. Married Alice Chappel Bedford and had two Children, Frederick IV, and Victoria. I divorced after 8 years and then moved around the country, always coming home to the family farm in Jobstown, New Jersey. Throughout my life, I have been haunted by the ongoing search for the genesis of my family Over 50 years, on and off I have searched the documents for proofs and clues in order to unravel my sources. I enjoy it a great deal and wish to share the research with anyone who might find it helpful. Keep Smiling...

NFFG Notes: Fritz has been researching his ancestors for over 30 years, and has posted a family tree at fp17 on, of almost 30,000 individuals - one of the great family tree achievements at that location. The key names & dates of his direct Phillips line back to David Phillips (b.1754) (and beyond), is posted at the NFFG Online Family Tree. Fritz may be contacted directly at


Donna (Jess) Powell, (Donna Powell), alsoAdjudicator of the Powell - Jess family tree which appears at the NFFG Online Family Tree, and also at Donna's pages at Residing 2015 at Grimsby, Ontario.

Notes: Donna has worked for several years on her family research project, which has taken her back to families in Quebec, Ontario, and England. NFFG has assisted by locating some source records. Some of the ancestors of her research focus are found in Winnipeg in the early 1900s, and she traces how these two families were united through her own marriage. Donna may be reached directly at


Donna raises and loves Yorkies.



Dorothy Jean (Moss) Smith (Dot Smith), Wide experience with source records of the interwoven families of Maine, Massachusetts, and New Brunswick.


Biographical and Personal Notes: "I am Dot Smith age 78 (2011) and having been doing genealogy on my families since I was in the 8th grade. I live in So. Sutton, NH and have for 30+ years. Did a lot of genealogy when my family and I had to boom out to Montana and Arizona. I worked in a woolen mill that made felts for paper mills in Ma. where I was born. In NH I worked at a golf course and yes did play golf. My hobbies are cooking and still canning goods from the garden. I have 2 boys and a dau (she lives with me) 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandkids. My main interest is in genealogy. Surnames: Porter, Fanjoy, Dickinson, Stilwell, Howland, Chase, Drake, Tilley, Moss, Davis, Willis, Lawrence, Warren and so many more.




Richard Miller, Family Genealogist and Researcher


Biographical Note: "I am currently a Texas resident, though originally from Oklahoma, where I was reared by a World War II veteran and a survivor of the 1950's polio epidemic. I received my undergraduate education at OSU, Stillwater, and went on to the Graduate School of Banking at SMU (Dallas), and the School of Law, at Oklahoma City University. I spent most of my professional career in financial & legal service & am now semi retired.


My ancestry interest and skills date from my mother's long efforts in those years before internet records, over even the internet itself, existed. Her diligence, appreciation for family history, patience in the pursuit of trace records, inspired me to pursue that same passion for myself & others. My mother and father have long since passed, but my ancestry efforts continue. My Miller family heritage, though now rooted in the American Heartland, in fact over the generations, flows from Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, possibly the Netherlands, and as of yet some surname lines yet to be fully researched beyond 8 or 9 generations. What continued for me as 'hobby' some years ago in ancestry research, developed into one of the most valued gifts I have found that I could pass on to my grandchildren about their lives, their trials, their successes & also their failures and tribulations. That's a life lesson for them which I could not pass on except by telling over the script of generations."


Richard may be reached at


Text Box:  Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1964. He recently retired after 40 years of medical practice to pursue his interest in history. This led to a further interest in genealogy. Elmer served in the Korean war in 1951 as a naval shipboard radar repair technician, following which he was accepted to flight training as a Naval Aviation Cadet and was commissioned in 1954 as a Naval Aviator. He flew from a number of aircraft carriers and was a jet fighter pilot until 1957 when he switched to a new career in medicine, entering premed at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In 1959 he attended a German University in Erlangen on an exchange fellowship for a year, returning in 1960 to Harvard Medical School on a U.S. Navy scholarship. He served 4 more years in the Navy, during which time he was stationed in the Antarctic for a year as Officer-in-Charge of Byrd Station, part of the National Science Foundationís Antarctic Research Program. A 20-mile wide bay in Antarctica was named for him, Cranton Bay. Subsequently Elmer was elected President of the American Academy for Advancement in Medicine, President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and President of the Smyth County Medical Society in Virginia, He also served a year as Chief-of-Staff at a U.S. Public Health Service Hospital. For many years he was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Advancement in Medicine. He authored a number of books, including a scientific textbook for physicians, and published many scientific articles in the field of medicine.


Dr. Cranton is researching the Cranton- Scranton family group which came from Connecticut to Nova Scotia, and may have been one of the earliest pioneer families to settle in America. Several of this family found their way to New Hampshire & Massachusetts. He may be contacted by sending an email to NFFG, at Elmer & I are hoping to be in contact with Debbie McKay, a member of this extended family, who was in touch with Richard Ripley about ten years ago, and provided much information. The larger family cluster includes Phillips, Ingrahams, Harts, and other Connecticut families who moved to Nova Scotia, during & after the Revolutionary War. At the time, Debbie lived in or near Margaree in Inverness County, on Cape Breton Island. If Debbie or any of the family read this message, please get in touch.

Other clients and some of the many other people who have provided assistance and help solve problems..
Dave Brown of Miramichi. NB, who has sent an extensive fascinating genealogy of the descendants of John Trerice, first identified as a foundling in an orphanage in England, whose descendants have spread across the U.S.A. and Canada. Dave Dillingham Wiltshire, Dillingham Family Researcher, cited in database and CD, welcomes email inquiries. Click here to send an email message to Dave. ( Carla Perkins, Dillon Family Researcher, may be reached at Paul Giometti, New York State post-Revolutionary War families. Many excellent materials published on the web, diligent researcher. Ernest Embree Coates (1910-1997) Ripleys & descendants, Nova Scotia, Canada and U.S.A. A tireless researcher who supplied via my father, hundreds of pages of typescripts, publications, notes, wills, etc. Russell Ewing - Genealogist, WW2 Intelligence Officer, meticulous researcher, supplied hundreds of pages of research and notes. Richard Phillips, of Potts Camp, Missouri- early Phillips of North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Indiana, patiently worked with us through complex ancestries, and helped us overcome errors which had slipped in. John Ripley. Judy Messenger. Mary Ann McCrea. Mary Noiles (Conrad). Kaye (Noiles) Higgins. Phyllis Noiles (Noiles family researchers have helped develop the descendants of an Acadian family who avoided the Explusion of the Acadians, and has resulted in extensive genealogies in Nova Scotia, Louisiana, and other provinces and states). Eric Keys (Embree, Chisholm; Eric has good vitals). Jim McLean (McLean, Ripley, Pennsylvania McLeans). James Newman. Mike Burley (MacPherson). Pat Shipley (Shipley, Miles, Myles, Innes, Dougherty families). Jessica Golomski. Julia Wakeley (Wakeley, Phinney, Pettis families). Rev. Robert Ripley. Treena Harvey - (Smith Family, many library and biographies, news items). Karl Brady, (Phillips family). Donald Pugsley. Helen Gibson (Hundreds of corrections, updates, new information, articles, biographies, etc). Shirley Gauthier. Nanette MacPherson. Hazel Staple (Taylor/Jenks and related families). Doug Skidmore. Julie Johnson, (GAR, Iowa Pioneers). Alex Sarson & Harold Crawford. Alice Earles. Andrew J. Morris (Irish Ship Lists). Doug Korsma. Ann Shannon (Menno and other surnames). Betty A. Parker of Florida (see also above) - a wealth of cemetery photographs, family records, and other invaluable assistance). Lauri Ripley - Massachusetts and other grave inscriptions, much research. Earle Ripley - (Western Canada Ripleys & interwoven families). Bruce Pitts (US Phillips families). Ann W. Gardner,- (Phillips of New Jersey, New Brunswick, and Utah). Carol McCrelias of Hawaii & Michigan. Cathy Phillips (Halifax records). Don Lewis (invaluable transcriptions of Cumberland and Colchester Counties). Doug Skidmore of Vancouver. Edie Traplady. Carol Mayne (PEI records and transcriptions). Eric Estrada, (Nelson Family). Dawn Roberta Beange Wood. Roderic A. Davis, II, who has an excellent web site. John Benjamin Ripley. Myrtle Chappell (invaluable self-published book on Fenwick, Nova Scotia). Tom Conrad (Upper Mahanoy Twp, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania - Howerter's Church). Gordon Ripley of Teeswater, Ontario, whose Yorkshire & other research we borrowed from, and also received direct information. Harry Sarson of Shearwater, Nova Scotia. Karl Brady. Linda Fleming of Euless, Texas. Marg Hutton. Margie Chapin. Nanette Davis. Bill Martin, who kindly published rare Loyalists and other records which we consulted extensively. Verlyn Liberty Kyle (1910-1996), who contributed letters, records, old postcards, etc. Michael J. Frost. Terri Paris, (Phillips family). Mike Phillips, major contributor of hard-to-find Rhode Island Phillips and other RI surnames. Nancy Downing, who has a valuable book. Sylvia JEAN Smith. Derron J. Bain, Prime Minister's Office, Nova Scotia, for valuable government archive resources. Picton Castle Trust of Wales, for ancient Phillips records. Ralph H. Phillips, Golden, Colorado. Read Allen. Roger C. Ripley, my father. Tracy O'brien, New England researcher. Robert Dickey, supplied a valuable manuscript. Sandi Moses. Don Bird and Guy Henderson, early Smith records, published on the web and consulted extensively. Sue Burns. Howard Trueman, whose book we consulted extensively. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with their incredible and tireless genealogical research, and generous provision of this data to all, is to be most highly commended by all who seek their ancestral roots. Connie (Siewertsen) Smith, has added to the genealogy of one or more branches of the Phillips family which came from New Jersey to Ohio, with an extensive set of records. The intermarriages introduce the Hackenbracht, Firman, Woodmansee, and other interconnected founder surnames. This family is descended from Reverend George Phillips of Watertown, Massachusetts, a Winthrop Fleet passenger and close associate of Governor Winthrop. Many descendants are found today in Coshocton County, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas. Teresa Herrmann, has contributed major data about the Herrmann family of Ohio, which intertwines with the Ripleys and other featured families in this tree. Many Wars were loyally fought by this Herrmann family branch, including a GAR veteran. Teresa's notes are very detailed and interesting, and relate many of the triumphs and tragedies of this family group. The Herrmann group is also descended from a Mayflower passenger - one of the most cherished family clusters. Be sure to browse through the Herrmann files here, when you would like a good genealogical read. More names of contributors will follow...


You may add your name and area of family research to the above listing, by joining NFFG as a Contributing Member or Consultant - and see your focus and brief biography posted here. You will be in good company!