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Conventional Genealogy supplemented by Paranormal Sensitivity ?
Paranormal Activity can Assist Genealogical Research.
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Many of our clients believe they can hear the voices of the ancestors they are researching. Often, the ancestors appear in dreams, though the specific details may be hazy. I am a believer. Am I a Medium for ancestral voices? I could not have solved many issues without listening to their voices. Mostly I am a conventional genealogist - yet somehow, I do hear those voices, under certain conditions. I always use standard genealogical methods as well. Paranormal research does not replace conventional genealogical research; it supplements it or confirms it.


Or, do you remember, during that purity of childhood when you had Deja Vus, or had dreams which which later came true? As a mother or parent, were there times when you just KNEW that the baby had awakened and you rushed to the side of the baby, only to find that you HAD communicated with the baby, beyond science and everyday rules. If you are an identical twin, or the parent or teacher or friend of such an identical twin, - have you noticed how they can communicate on this mysterious higher level? Have you read the novel, 'The Chrysalids' by John Windham? Do you remember that time of childhood purity when your religious faith was strong? During those times, you were in-tune to those things which are beyond proof. Later, perhaps the swirl of adulthood and doubt took over, and those voices became quiet. However, it may be possible to reawaken that level of communication. I have done so, and may be able to assist descendants and researchers in their search for certain ancestors. Here is what I have noticed about the process.


Well, I can tell you that by listening to these voices (see more detail below), I have disproven or added to the Family Books and Family Trees of MANY researchers - sometimes, sadly, after the work had been published, and made those researchers realize that they had to start over. DON'T be the researcher who lets the family down. Remember the words of Hamlet...

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


Here is how to proceed. You must step out of the swirl of pressing everyday concerns and thoughts. Forget Twitter and Facebook and Social Networking and Texting. These activities will overwhelm your sensitivity and drown out ancestral voices. Suspend your contemporary doubts and concerns. Put yourself into the time long past, before political correctness and trends and social issues and celebrities became important. Think of the religious faith which your ancestors based their lives on. Become a child again. A good time to focus on as a starting point, to lock your mind on, is at the end of World War 2, when the unquestioned heros of our countries brought their heroism home. Think of their love letters and of the wills of their parents: read some if you can find them. See how often they talk about nut allergies or autism or gay marriage or celebrities. You can return to these important issues later. Immerse yourself in the things they DO talk about, and the words they use. Then, you are in the right mental set to try and open the channels and move back in time.


On first entering this domain, there could be many, possibly hundreds or more voices of your ancestors which will be whispering to you in a confusing swirl. You must help yourself by accessing the best actual records which you can find, to identify the specific families and voices you would like to hear. It is likely that they are ALREADY NOW whispering to you, since you are looking for them. However, until you actually locate as much specific detail as possible, those certain voices will be mixed up with other ancestor voices, those whose words you do not need to hear right now. There will be time for those other voices later. To get those specific records which you are NOW searching for, don't trust the research of aunts & uncles etc. Join or .ca, and find the records, or use our resouces, or find some other high-qulaity sources. Study only your specific family and focus on that. Then those voices will rise above other voices. Remember that scepticism and science COULD still wipe out the voices. Let the voices speak, and then later verify with conventional genealogy, if possible.


I have the sources, books, memberships, contacts, and experiences, to help you find those specific voices. I have a certain amount of skill in listening to them, only if I am directed by you & your family information. Even if you lack the memberships or contacts, I have them and can work with you. Using the records which can be found, I will attempt to hear the voices, and let those voices guide us. Is there any proof that I can do this? Is there any proof of any of the phenomena which are described here? There is no proof in the absolute scientific sense. But you and I know that it can and does happen. I have many such examples. I will be writing a book on the topic at some point where I will enumerate the examples.


I have located the lost graves for Patrick Lindsay and his wife, and MUCH more information, by working with one of his descendants. Patrick had set up a family plot, but one of his sons did not complete erecting the gravestone. Patrick was born in County Tyrone in Ireland in 1789, and was buried near Arnprior in 1871. I found the grave and the location of his home there, and MANY records. In another professional project - when John Scully died of cancer in Brooklyn in 1897, no gravestone was ever placed. He had just gone through a rancorous divorce and his ex-wife refused to bury him. I found the grave and the whole story, and sent a Long Island photographer to stand on the EXACT location and take photographs for his descendants. There are many, more such examples.

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DISCOVERED with hints from spirit voices. Left, see the hidden graves of Patrick Lindsay (1789-1871) & his wife Kitty Quinn. Right, see the unmarked grave of John Scully (1847- 1897). Many accompanying records were found, and other resources were also used.
Do ancestral voices sometimes bear down on you and bring you to your knees? Read the poem 'Piano' by D.H Lawrence on this subject. Click on the arrow to read it.
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