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"My cousin's done genealogy research, and it's wrong!" (March 1, 2011)- Click here to read
Civil War violence and death - yet new life is born and lives today! Read my comments at EOGN here...
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Conventional Genealogy supplemented by Paranormal Sensitivity ?
Paranormal Activity can Assist Genealogical Research. Yes, voices from the past can speak to us. See how it aided the discovery of the grave of King Richard III.
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Be sure to also look at our Page 3, the 'NFFG Information Page'. Remember that some information is placed there on a trial basis only - while other information has been carefully researched for specific clients. No information there is to be considered as a source record. For more specific information, please send an email message. Please remember that we are a professional genealogy service - treasure hunters for specific clients. All of our records are PRIVATE - family treasures which we have located for specific living descendants. We do not share this information. If you later wish to share the information which we have provided to you in a professional report, then that is up to you.
for June - September 2014
for research trips in the area of Ontario (various locations)
and Quebec (Montreal area)
BOOK NOW for 2014.

Why wait? Verify, correct, or complete your previous research. We may be able to solve your cold-case mystery or uncertainty. Have a lawyer create a high-quality will, and have a professional family historian confirm a high-quality family history. Create a family book or report. And always, your past research and even your guesses may be very helpful.

We have scheduled mid-2014 research projects with specific search objectives for clients who need records which ARE NOT AND WILL likely NEVER BE available in online sources. While on these search expeditions, it may be possible that we could locate vital information for your specific ancestors. This could be an opportunity for you to have access to this service. If you are stymied by contradictions in published information at private web sites or in the family pages at - then we may be able to help, and the costs for our research could be mitigated as other clients are also sharing the travel and incidental fees. We may find for you, such things as photos of old family farms, gravestones, and obscure local records. Here are some examples from our recent research files....


Many settlers from Ireland settled for a time in Canada, and then their descendants moved on, perhaps to America. Source Irish records are very scarce indeed, but we have been able to find several such records and the accompanying family stories. Sometimes religion is important - Irish Catholic settlers are quite distinct from Irish Protestant settlers. We have visited churches, homesteads, and found lost graves.


Many 'Tories' or Loyalists who left America during or after the American Revolution settled in Canada, even though they sometimes tried to return to America later - or their descendants returned. These are very interesting stories. Loyalists are in many ways the Founding Fathers of Canada, just as Patriots are in some ways the Founding Fathers of America. We have been able to trace several variants of these stories and records for our clients.

FRENCH CANADIAN ANCESTRY - Anglicized French names and DIT names?

We found that Peter Young of Vermont was of a French Canadian family; he was married as Pierre Lajeunesse - and his true family name was Pierre Magneron dit Lajeunesse. If you have such an ancestor, you will understand this issue. We have been able to track this and other French Canadian families, and have good relationships with partner researchers, and access to local records in Quebec near the U.S. border areas. Ici on parle francais.


Send an email for a quick free response to your specific family research needs, and then make booking arrangements... before our available time slots have been used up.